Sex Summit

November 13, 2024

The SEX (Sexuality, Education, and eXploration) Summit is an influential conference dedicated to the intersection of sexual health, education, technology, and advocacy.

It brings together a diverse group of professionals, including educators, healthcare providers, researchers, advocates, and technologists, to discuss and advance the understanding and practices around sexual health and wellness.

Sex Summit is the largest networking event in the adult market in Latin America. It is a pioneering event held in Brazil that brings together the leading professionals from the adult market, sextech, and sexual wellness sectors for an immersive experience of knowledge and connection. With a focus on trends, technology, culture, and innovation, the event stands out as a space for learning, debates, and networking. We create a dynamic and stimulating environment to foster partnerships and promising business opportunities.

Date November, 13th Where São Paulo/Brazil

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November 13, 2024
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