TES Affiliate Conferences Cascais 2024

The TES event in Cascais at the end of February marked the beginning of the 2024 calendar for the large European shows.

It was certainly very well attended and likely the largest show P.C. (Post Covid).

Here are some of the amazing statistics:

  • 1515 people attended and each received a special thank you from the show organisers Andreas and Walter. representing at least 65 countries, which accounts for nearly a third world-wide.
  • Approximately 26% of those attending were affiliates showing that the market is still at the forefront of many businesses.
  • More than 550 different companies attended from a wide variety of business types, which included:
    Ad Networks, Advertisers, Affiliates, Affiliate Programmes, Age Verification, Agencies, Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Blockchain, Cams, Consulting, Content, CPA, Networks, Digital Banking, Fan Sites, Financial Fraud and Chargebacks, IT Services, Media Buyers, Payment Processors, Paysites, Publishers, Service Providers, Software Solutions, Traffic and Traffic Networks to name but a few.
  • There were at least 40 different seminars, across a number of tracks throughout the event, each focussed on current topics and verticals and included 55 renowned industry speakers.

The main verticals were:

Adult, Affiliate Marketing, Age Verification, Betting, Creators, Cryptocurrency, Dating, Digital Banking eCommerce, Email Marketing, Financial Services, Gambling, Games/Gaming, Live Cams, Mobile Content, Model and Creator Management, Nutra, Payments, Search Engine Optimisation, Software Provider and Traffic Management.

The event started with the Mojo Early Bird Cocktail and Networking get together for all those arriving the night before the event start date. A great chance to get involved in some more intimate networking and feel the family vibe at this biannual event. The vibe was such that it was extended an hour by Brad Mitchell from Mojohost, in response to such an amazing reception and attendance.

Day 1 of TES Cascais 2024, started with the famous ‘Meet Market’. A chance to meet the exhibitors in absolutely no time at all, with fast paced introductions and promises for more relaxed face to face meetings during the next 2 days.

Days 2 and 3 heralded non-stop business, excellent networking, great lunches and incredible dinners had by all. The buzz was palpable and carried on through the night with superb parties and a relaxing hotel bar.

The absolute best recommendation you can get for any event is to have feedback from those that attended. Mojohost were absolutely on point with their summary.

“This year's Portuguese edition of TES has been a special one for Team Mojo. TES is always a fantastic conference where industry professionals gather to share insights, network, forge lasting partnerships, and host a memorable early arrivals party. However, this TES was different for MojoHost. Our journey of success continues as we expanded the team with our new European Brand Ambassador Roland Grotheer and the new Communications Director Mila Staneva at the beginning of the year. Together with Natalie Pannon, we had the chance to spend some quality time as a team and discuss our strategy for the future. MojoHost is poised to reach new heights, expand to new markets, and deliver unparalleled service to our clients.

That's not all we took away from TES! We clinched the prestigious award for Best Web Hosting Services at the LiveCam Awards! This is our 70th trophy and it is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We want to thank everyone who has been part of our journey so far. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and innovations from MojoHost!”

The organisers from TES had a very heartfelt review of TES Cascais 2024

“Cascais this year has somehow been "different" than our other conferences before. Our clients have always had close and friendly relationships, but Cascais took this concept to a whole new level and turned it into a real "family reunion."

We can’t wait for TES Prague 2024 where that family vibe is bound to continue and grow beyond words!

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Written by Michelle Marriott

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