Grabby Awards

May 23-24, 2024

The Grabby Awards, commonly known as "The Grabbys," are a prestigious annual event celebrating excellence in the gay pornography industry.

These awards recognze outstanding achievements in various aspects of gay adult entertainment, including performances, production quality, and innovative contributions.

 The Grabby Awards are among the most respected accolades in the gay adult film industry. They honour performers, directors, studios, and other contributors who have demonstrated exceptional talent and creativity. The awards ceremony is a major event in the adult entertainment calendar, attracting industry professionals, media, and fans.

The Grabby Awards were established in 1999 by the Chicago-based LGBTQ+ publication Grab Magazine. Initially conceived as a way to celebrate the achievements of the gay adult entertainment industry, the awards have grown in prominence and influence over the years. They have evolved to reflect changes in the industry, incorporating new categories and recognizing emerging trends.

The Grabby Awards ceremony is traditionally held in Chicago, Illinois, often during the Memorial Day weekend. This timing coincides with the International Mr. Leather (IML) weekend, creating a festive atmosphere in the city and drawing a large number of attendees from across the globe. They also have a edition in Europe.

The Grabbys feature a wide range of award categories, recognizing various facets of the industry. Categories include Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director, Best Movie, Best Newcomer, Best Duo Scene, Best Group Scene, and many more. The diversity of categories ensures that all aspects of production and performance are celebrated.

Nominations for the Grabby Awards are typically made by industry insiders, including producers, directors, and performers. The final winners are selected through a voting process that may involve both industry professionals and fans, depending on the category.

The awards ceremony is known for its glamorous and lively atmosphere. It includes red carpet arrivals, live entertainment, and the presentation of awards. The event is hosted by well-known figures in the industry, often featuring humorous and engaging performances.

Winning a Grabby Award is considered a significant achievement in the gay adult entertainment industry. It provides recognition for the hard work and talent of performers and production teams, enhancing their reputation and career prospects. The awards also highlight high standards of quality and innovation within the industry.

The Grabby Awards play a crucial role in promoting excellence and professionalism in the gay adult entertainment industry. By recognizing outstanding achievements, the awards encourage performers and producers to strive for higher standards of creativity and quality. They also help to raise the profile of the industry and promote a positive image of gay adult entertainment.

Where & when

May 23-24, 2024
Chicago, USA

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