Pineapple Support

Pineapple Support is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing mental health support and resources for individuals in the adult entertainment industry. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by those working in this field, Pineapple Support aims to offer a safe, confidential, and accessible space for mental health services.


Founding and Vision: Pineapple Support was founded in 2018 by Leya Tanit, an advocate for mental health and wellness within the adult industry. The organization's vision is to create a supportive environment where adult industry professionals can receive the mental health care they need without stigma or discrimination.

Mission: The mission of Pineapple Support is to provide 24/7 support, mental health resources, and therapy to all persons working in the adult entertainment industry. They aim to destigmatize mental health issues and ensure that everyone in the industry has access to the care they need.

Core Services

Counseling and Therapy: Pineapple Support offers access to licensed therapists and counselors who specialize in working with individuals in the adult entertainment industry. These professionals provide confidential and non-judgmental support.

Support Groups: The organization facilitates various support groups that provide a space for individuals to share their experiences and support each other. These groups cover a range of topics, including anxiety, depression, addiction, and trauma.
24/7 Helpline: Pineapple Support provides a 24/7 helpline that offers immediate support and crisis intervention for those in need. This helpline is staffed by trained professionals who understand the specific challenges faced by adult industry workers.

Educational Resources: Pineapple Support offers educational resources, including webinars, workshops, and articles, to help individuals better understand and manage their mental health. These resources cover a wide range of topics relevant to the adult industry.

Referral Services: For those requiring specialized care, Pineapple Support offers referral services to connect individuals with appropriate mental health professionals and resources.
Impact and Reach

Since its inception, Pineapple Support has made a significant impact on the adult entertainment industry by providing much-needed mental health services. The organization has reached thousands of individuals, offering support and resources that have helped many navigate the unique challenges of their profession.

Global Reach: Pineapple Support operates internationally, providing services to individuals around the world. This global reach ensures that support is available regardless of location, helping to break down barriers to accessing mental health care.

Community Building: The organization has fostered a sense of community within the adult industry, encouraging open conversations about mental health and reducing the stigma associated with seeking help.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Pineapple Support collaborates with various organizations, platforms, and companies within the adult industry to expand its reach and enhance its services. These partnerships help to raise awareness about mental health issues and ensure that more individuals have access to the support they need.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Pineapple Support aims to continue expanding its services and reach. The organization plans to increase the availability of therapy sessions, develop new support groups, and create additional educational resources. By continuously adapting to the needs of the adult industry, Pineapple Support is committed to providing ongoing and comprehensive mental health support.

In summary, Pineapple Support is a vital organization within the adult entertainment industry, offering essential mental health services and support. With its commitment to accessibility, confidentiality, and non-judgmental care, Pineapple Support plays a crucial role in improving the well-being of those working in this field.

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