Advidi is a global affiliate network that connects advertisers with publishers to facilitate performance-based marketing campaigns. Established in 2012 and headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Advidi has established itself as a trusted partner for brands and marketers seeking to maximize their online presence and sales through strategic affiliate partnerships.

Key Features and Offerings

  1. Affiliate Marketing Platform:
    • Network of Publishers: Advidi collaborates with a diverse network of publishers, including affiliates, influencers, and media buyers, to promote advertiser offers effectively.
    • Performance-Based Model: Advertisers pay for results, such as clicks, leads, or sales, ensuring a measurable return on investment (ROI) for marketing expenditures.
  1. Verticals and Industries:
    • Focus Areas: Advidi specializes in various verticals including e-commerce, health and beauty, dating, finance, gaming, and more.
    • Expertise: They provide tailored solutions and industry-specific expertise to optimize campaign performance and drive conversions.
  1. Advanced Technology and Tools:
    • Tracking and Analytics: Advidi offers robust tracking technology and analytics tools to monitor campaign performance in real-time, optimize ad placements, and maximize ROI.
    • Targeting Capabilities: Advanced targeting options based on demographics, geography, device, and user behavior, ensuring ads reach the most relevant audience segments.
  1. Compliance and Fraud Prevention:
    • Quality Assurance: Advidi maintains strict quality control measures to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.
    • Fraud Detection: Utilization of advanced fraud detection technologies to mitigate risks and maintain integrity in affiliate marketing activities.
  1. Support and Partnership:
    • Dedicated Account Management: Personalized support from experienced account managers to assist advertisers and publishers in maximizing campaign performance.
    • Training and Resources: Educational resources, webinars, and workshops to empower affiliates with industry knowledge and best practices.

Advantages for Advertisers

  1. Global Reach: Access to a global network of publishers and affiliates, enabling advertisers to expand their reach and target diverse markets.
  2. Performance-Based Pricing: Pay-for-performance model ensures cost-effectiveness and accountability in marketing expenditures.
  3. Scalability: Scalable solutions to accommodate various budget sizes and business objectives, from startups to enterprise-level companies.
  4. Innovative Solutions: Constant innovation in technology and strategies to adapt to changing market trends and optimize campaign outcomes.

Benefits for Publishers

  1. Monetization Opportunities: Publishers can monetize their traffic effectively by promoting high-converting offers from reputable advertisers.
  2. Competitive Payouts: Competitive commission rates and timely payments to affiliates for driving desired actions and generating quality leads.
  3. Support and Guidance: Access to resources, tools, and dedicated support to maximize earnings and optimize campaign performance.


Advidi stands out in the affiliate marketing industry with its comprehensive platform, strategic approach, and commitment to delivering measurable results for advertisers and publishers alike. Through its global presence, technological innovation, and industry expertise, Advidi continues to drive success in performance marketing campaigns across various verticals.

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